Executive Committee

Jere Jenkins

TRTR Chair

Texas A&M University

Jeff Geuther

TRTR Past Chair

Penn State University

Steve Reese

TRTR Chair-elect

Oregon State University

Tom Newton

TRTR Treasurer

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Amber Johnson

TRTR Secretary and 2023 Meeting Host

University of Maryland College Park

Dave Clovis

2024 Meeting Host

Sandia National Laboratory

Hilary Lane

NEI Liason

Edward Lau

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bill Charlton

University of Texas – Austin

Sean O’Kelly

Advanced Test Reactor

Cameron Goodwin

Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center

Andrew Smolinski

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

Johnathan Wallick

US Geological Survey

Les Foyto

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign